Balancing Machine for Fans - CEMB

Cemb, global manufacturer of universal balancing machines for industrial applications, is also a leader in the manufacturing of special systems, fully automatic and dedicated to the automotive field to be entered directly into production lines, with or without their own movement of rotors.

Product description

Balancing machine for motor-fans, with twin measuring bench.

- Comprising two contiguous unbalance measuring stations allowing the operator to correct one component while the second one is being measured on the other station, with consequent masked times.
- The balancing machine can be completed with a label printer.
Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 1400 mm
Depth: 950 mm
Height: 1900 mm


Balancing machine with double measuring bench for motor-fans.

- A special photo-cell assembly gives an exact indication on where to apply the correction clips.
Approx overall dimensions:
Width: 1400 mm
Depth: 1300 mm
Height: 1900 mm


Rigid balancing bench for motor-fans.

- The unit is equipped with a light beam photocell allowing to operate without the need to have a reference mark on the part.
Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 973 mm
Depth: 520 mm
Height: 1830 mm

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