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Cemb, global manufacturer of universal balancing machines for industrial applications, is also a leader in the manufacturing of special systems, fully automatic and dedicated to the automotive field to be entered directly into production lines, with or without their own movement of rotors.


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Product description


Automatic balancing machine, small size, for car crankshafts.

- Unbalance correction obtained by a drilling unit.
- A hydraulic clamping device preserves the rotating deformations due to the effort of drilling.

Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 3400 mm
Depth: 2100 mm
Height: 2100 mm


Balancing machine for large size crankshafts.

- Unbalance correction obtained by a drilling unit working at an angle to allow for material removal even from the external side of the webs.
- The machine is equipped with hydraulic devices for the holding of the crankshaft during the drilling operation.
Approx overall dimensions:
Width: 5600 mm
Depth: 2400 mm
Height: 2300 mm


Two station automatic balancing machine for cars crankshafts.

- The crankshafts unbalance is measured on the first station equipped with a balancing unit;
- the crankshaft is then moved to the second station equipped with a drilling unit for the unbalance correction by material removal.
Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 6000 mm
Depth: 3700 mm
Height: 3500 mm


Balancing machine for crankshafts.
Composed of:
- deposit / pick-up station where the crankshafts are loaded;
- unbalance measuring station;
- unbalance correction stations by radial drilling;
- internal displacement between stations obtained by a raise-rotate type loader.

Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 7400 mm
Depth: 7400 mm
Height: 2500 mm


Dynamic centering machine with 14 controlled axes for crankshafts.
- The machine, by a measuring spin, detects the position where to automatically perform the centering holes on raw crankshafts.
Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 5500 mm
Depth: 2000 mm
Height: 2200 mm


Twin station balancing machine
- Two station system.
- During the drilling operation simultaneously the former crankshaft is tested, unloaded and the next crankshaft is loaded and measured.
- Advanced multiplane balancing program able to minimize the amount of material to be removed, with advantages in terms of drilling times and useful tool working life.
- Great flexibility and possibility of changing production in a few minutes.
Approx overall dimensions:

Width: 2500 mm
Depth: 2600 mm
Height: 2800 mm
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